Gillibrand sworn in as New York's junior senator

Gillibrand could help Paterson in many ways, though. Now having both inherited their offices, they will be facing reelection in 2010. Though a young up-and-comer, Gillibrand has already won favor with many in Upstate New York and is a woman, perhaps winning Paterson favor in key demographics.

Paterson dismissed such assumptions.

"This decision was not based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or regional base. This decision was based on who was best for the job," he said at Friday's ceremony.

A special election will be held in the 20th to select Gillibrand's replacement.

Many have said that Republicans will have a likely chance of recapturing the seat, given a lack of Democratic candidates who could capture Republican votes as easily as Gillibrand did. Democrats have a healthy lead on Republicans in the House, though.

GOP leadership has made a quick selection in James Tedisco, R-Schenectady, who was formally given the nod by leaders in 10 counties on Tuesday.

The Assembly Minority Leader has more presence in Schenectady County than Saratoga, though his district stretches as far north as the Spa City, where he owns a home. In New York, one does not need to live in a Congressional District to run in it.

Other Republican hopefuls had included Sandy Treadwell, who was defeated by Gillibrand in the recent election, state Sen. Betty Little and former Gubenatorial candidate John Faso.

Democrats who are running or considering a bid include Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chairman Larry Bulman; failed candidate for the 112th Assembly District Mike Russo; Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works Commissioner Ron Kim; and Coxsakie Supervisor Alex Betke. A number of candidates in last year's crowded race for the 21st District have been mentioned, as well, including Tracey Brooks and Darius Shahinfar.

The timing of the election is entirely up to Paterson. According to Bob Brehm, a spokesman for the NYS Board of Elections, an election will be held within 30 to 40 days from the date the governor issues a proclamation, but Paterson can issue it at any time he chooses.

"There is no deadline scheduled for when he must issue his proclamation," said Brehm. "It's at the discretion of the governor."

If Paterson fails to issue a proclamation, the seat will be decided in the 2010 election.""

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