Peddlers without permits not welcome in Colonie

The permit is good for one calendar year and must be renewed if the organization wishes to continue service the following season at the full permit price.

Brian Collins, president and CEO of Mr. Ding-a-Ling, an ice cream truck company that serves 66 towns from the Capital District to Utica, said that the process of obtaining a peddling permit in the Town of Colonie is much easier than in other local towns.

"The Town of Colonie is the best," he said. "The clerks, they do their jobs perfectly, and when the driver comes in, they have everything ready. It's like a perfect process."

While in Colonie the permit lasts a year, Collins said in some towns, he is forced to pay $25 a day or $50 per week.

"In the spring, I have to get all of the drivers together and go to every town," Collins said, "Sixty-six town clerks offices is just a nightmare."

Collins said his peddling season begins April 10 and ends Sept. 30.

DelTorto said Collins and his company follow the permitting process precisely and are the models of what other peddlers should do.

"He's a really wonderful man, and he knows exactly what we need," she said.

DelTorto said even with a permit, the peddlers are only allowed to operate within daylight hours. If asked to leave a person's property, they must comply.

The town also wants to see that the products the companies are peddling are legitimate products, she said, though the town does not particularly care what the peddlers are selling, "as long as it's a legal product," she said, "something that would be naturally able to be for sale in a store."

One thing DelTorto wanted to point out about the permit is that while it does cover peddling in the Village of Menands, it does not cover the Village of Colonie as the village has come up with its own local laws surrounding peddling.

For this year, DelTorto said the town has issued peddling permits for companies looking to sell lawn services, alternate energy options, paint, furniture, ice cream and more. The most important aspect of the peddling for the town, she said, is the safety of its residents.

"We want our resident to feel a sense of security," she said. ""

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