Pool builder dives into Rotterdam supervisor race

Frank Del Gallo said he is concerned with Rotterdam's high taxes, lack of transparency in government and the way people are treated with they enter through the doors of Town Hall. He is also concerned with the way the current administration has handled job development and creation over the past several years, and that's why he's running for Rotterdam town supervisor.

In early June, the town's Democratic Committee nominated Del Gallo, 70, to challenge incumbent Supervisor Steve Tommasone.

Del Gallo, a Rotterdam resident for 35 years, has never held political office before.

The bottom line is if they [voters] are happy with what they've got and who they have in office now, then there's no reason for them to vote for me, but if they're not happy and they want a change and they feel like I'm capable of changing the town, which I know I am, then they will vote for me and that's that, said Del Gallo.

He said that if he is elected, one of the first things he wants to do is figure out why taxes are so high in the town and how they can become more affordable.

"I went to protest [tax rates] at a hearing. There were people who could hardly walk. There were people who are older than I am and not as healthy, and they were over there protesting their taxes," said Del Gallo.

"What are you doing to these people? They collect a Social Security and a pension that's 30 years old that doesn't amount to anything," said Del Gallo.

He said that he doesn't want to see people leaving the Town of Rotterdam because their tax rates are too high.

Del Gallo said the current administration has shown "poor judgment" when it comes to working with businesses in the town and creating revenue and jobs.

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