Slick Fitty to get people dancing at Saratoga's Rockabilly Riot

Before they left, they decided to see if they could find a few more places to play besides that hotel. They did a Google search for "European booking agents," describing themselves as a four-piece American rockabilly band looking for a tour.

Musical success, Domingo said, often hinges on being in the right place at the right time, and this was one of those cases. One of the agents that they contacted had just had a band pull out of a tour because the drummer had broken a thumb or something like that. So, Slick Fitty stepped in.

Domingo said the fact that Slick Fitty was American was often enough to get people in the door. But it wasn't enough to get them to stay, let alone bring them back for more -- the group had to put on a good show.

Slick Fitty was able to deliver because it had spent weeks practicing, thanks to band members' lack of employment.

"We were really, really, really tight," Domingo said.

The response stunned the band, which regularly performed in front of crowds of 1,000 people while overseas.

"People went [crazy]," Domingo said. "I've never experienced anything like that. Man, oh man, it was a good time."

The group recorded a CD in Germany, which Domingo said went as high as No. 9 on the alternative charts. Economically, though, it didn't make sense to stay in Europe long term. Slick Fitty eventually came back to the States, and these days, most of its gigs are local.

The repertoire has changed somewhat, too. Instead of just covering Little Richard, Roy Orbison and Richie Valens, Slick Fitty plays about 60 percent original songs. Those songs still get people on their feet.

"Our music, it's not so unfamiliar," Domingo said. "It's not stuff that's got 18 parts and intense lyrics."

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