Web-cast proposal a no vote by Bethlehem Town Board

Messina responded by saying he is trying make participation as easy as possible and did not see how expanding on the already printed town agenda would come at a greater cost to the town.

"The public has a lot on their plate," he responded. "I'm trying to make it easier for people to get information while they still have a lot on their plate."

South Bethlehem resident Linda Jasinski said she was disappointed with the board.

"I'd like to express my disappointment to the Town Board for not even bringing up to vote on Sam's proposal," said Jasinski. "You could have at least done that. It just shows when someone is not lock and step with you, you can shut them out."

Cunningham disagreed with her assessment.

"Sam was not shut out," Cunningham told Jasinski. "I strongly disagree that we dismissed his item just because we didn't motion it forward. I think everyone on this board gave very careful consideration and expressed their views on why they were not supporting it.

"A 'no motion' is almost the same as a 'no vote,'" he said. "They're very similar."

Jasinki's father, Bob Jasinski, a one-time Conservative Party chairman and town supervisor candidate, agreed with his daughter's comments and questioned why the Town Board is now showing such fiscal restraint.

"I wish and I had hoped you would have spoke when Sam made the motion, not wait until it was knocked down and then speak," he said. "I also want to point out to you that I've stood before this board and for the last three years cautioned you on spending."

Bob Jasinksi said it was "so wonderful to see you finally wake up," to which Hennessey interjected that the board's fiscal conservatism is nothing new.

"I just want to clarify something let's just discuss the conference video casting issue on it's own. You didn't attend the budget meetings last year in that little room, I did," Hennessey said. "It was at that point that I resisted the idea of doing it on the basis of concerns of various people, including yourself, that we spend too much money on things that are not necessary."

Hennessey said he wanted to be clear "that was almost a year ago now" and "it's not like the light just started shining down today."


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