Going to the dogs

There are no dogs allowed in the new park on Maple Avenue in Altamont, unless they are sculpted out of recycled materials.

Marijo Dougherty, who helped organize the Dog Stories in the Park art exhibit, which opened on Thursday, July 16, said the exhibit will feature the artwork of six local artists, who have sculpted dogs out of recycled materials and displayed them around the park, and it runs until Friday, Aug. 21.

"It's a play on the idea that dogs aren't allowed in the park," she said.

The Maple Avenue Park and Tot Playground was conceived last year, and is geared toward children under five years old.

It opened, along with the exhibit, on Thursday, July 16.

Dougherty said master gardener Keith Lee planted more than 17,000 plants and flowers, and $18,000 of playground equipment was installed by volunteers.

"It's been a real community effort," she said.

Dougherty gives a lot of credit to the hard work of the artists who made the sculptures as well.

"They all agreed and they were all quite wonderful about it," Dougherty said.

The contributing artists are Kathleen Buchanan, Larry Kagan, Richard Martin, Jason Schultz and Lars Turin.

Turin, an Altamont resident, said it was an "interesting little endeavor" constructing his dog. His sculpture "Dapper" was created using wire inside a steel armature.

He said he is also happy to be participating in something that makes his hometown a little nicer.

"It's a treat to be visible as an artist in the community," he said. "[The exhibit] has a wonderful sense of charm. It's a clever collection of different artists interpretations. It's an uplifting event for the village."

Kagan said his sculpture, "Dog Beater," is in the tradition of old-style rug beaters.

"It's in the kind of vernacular of small-scale manufacturing of American production," he said.

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