Petition circulated for Selkirk sewer lines

Ritz said the plans fell through, but noted during the planning board meeting that new homes in the area are built higher than older ones because of the water table problem. He said the Albany County Department of Health permits and inspects problems with septic systems.

Ritz said there had been "some problems" with septic in the area.

He questioned whether even sharing the costs with neighbors would justify the high cost of sewer as it correlated to their property's value.

"It just expensive, no matter what," said Ritz.

Radliff met with planning division members to discuss the sewer situation on Thursday, July 23. Although the meeting went well and she discussed several options with the town, Radliff said she is going forward with her petition to the Town Board.

"I spoke with many nice and concerned property owners when I did this petition. I found out like me, money was a very important factor, so I advised the town that the cost was a very important factor. No one can afford this with out help," Radliff said. "I honestly feel that this project can be done because of the ARI (America Recovery and Investment Act) and of course with the Town of Bethlehem's help and determination."

She gave a final public pitch to her neighbors.

"I urge those property owners who signed the petition to get involved and ask for ARI funds," she said. "I am also very concerned about the wetlands and possible more run-off water from nearby subdivisions. I want to make sure that these wetlands are not destroyed or damaged."

The developer of the four-lot subdivision said bringing sewer in for the four lots was not something that was economically feasible at this time and that the federal wetlands in the area keep the density very low, therefore preventing the amount of homes necessary to constitute the costs of sewer.

Those interested in Radliff's petition can contact her at cradliff001@nycap.rr.com.

"I want to thank Terry Ritz, Robert Leslie, Josh Cansler and the other town employees that will hopefully help us make this dream come true," Radliff said.


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