Albany County rejects New Scotland zoning law

"We try not to interfere with how a locality sees itself. That's not appropriate," DeVall said. "We're not imposing some judgment."

The county planning board offered advisory opinions to New Scotland, including seeking a generic environmental impact statement and adding design guidelines to the zoning laws, regardless of a cap size.

Town Supervisor Tom Dolin said the town's Comprehensive Plan already featured similar studies, and said he is unsure of what would be gained from another one.

"With all due respect to the county," Dolin said. "I'm confused by what we would gain by another assessment."

Town Board member Peg Neri said a traffic study might help get a better handle on the situation.

"I think that a rigorous traffic analysis would satisfy a lot of people," Neri said.

The next meeting of the Town Board is on Wednesday, June 10, and Dolin said the board will discuss possible alternatives to the law. A four-vote supermajority would be needed to pass Local Law B, but cannot be voted on until a public hearing is held.

"We have to go back to the drawing board, have further discussion," Dolin said.

Dolin added that the 85,000 square-foot retail size cap makes Local Law B a "big-box" law, and is hoping to revisit Local Law C, which featured a 50,100 square-foot size cap.""

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