Contractors picket new Price Chopper

"They kind of hinted that there will be problems getting the check if we're out here," he said.

Vice President of Public Relations and Consumer Services Mona Golub said Tuesday morning that allegation was completely false.

"That is not my understanding at all," she said. "We have paid all of our contractors that we have working inside the store. We don't owe a single contractor money."

Golub said Price Chopper is aware of the contractor's concerns and that Price Chopper had offered to help, although she stressed that the issue has nothing to do with the supermarket.

"It's an issue between the landlord, the financer, and to my understanding, the contractor," she said. "We offered to try and help yesterday, but [we] wish that the contractor had tried to reach out to us before yesterday."

When asked if Price Chopper had been in contact with WP Realty, Golub said she did not know, but that, "I'm sure our construction and engineering folks have that situation handled."

Hours later, as The Spotlight was heading to press, Kronau called to say Price Chopper has paid him the money owed to his company.

The Spotlight followed up with Golub, who said the reason she had previously said the company did not owe any contractor money was because the date by which Price Chopper had to pay the contractors by had not come.

"There's no contract that we made that had a due date that was past," Golub said. "We happened to cut a check for this gentleman earlier than it was due."

Kronau said that despite the payment from Price Chopper, the contractors intend to keep picketing as long as they can afford to or until WP Realty pays the money that the contractors are owed.

"We'd like to have some sort of presence out there," Kronau said.

Contractors broke ground on the new Price Chopper, which took the place of the old Price Chopper at Colonie Plaza, about a year ago. It is touted for being Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certified for its entirely green design. It is also the only Price Chopper in the area with an expanded Kosher foods section.


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