Luncheon touts heart-healthy living

Toomey also encouraged the crowd to be heart-conscious.

"I am very happy that you all can open your hearts and be here," Toomey read from a statement she prepared for the event. "Always keep taking care of your heart."

Also at the luncheon, Dr. Michelle R. Lennartz, professor at the Center for Cell Biology and Cancer Research at Albany Medical Center, spoke to the crowd about research she is working on to better predict a heart attack or stroke before it happens.

"The hope would be that we could eventually develop a blood test that would help the physician predict a heart attack or stroke before it happened," Lennartz said after the luncheon Monday, June 1. "What we're interested in is understanding the differences between stable and unstable plaques that would rupture and cause heart attacks and strokes."

Lennartz said the research is being done through work at Albany Medical Center, where researches are examining tissues, looking for the specific proteins that are found in both stable and unstable plaques. The tissues being studied are taken from arteries that lead up to the brain, she said.

Lennartz said she thinks it is important to note to the people who attended the luncheon, as well as other taxpayers, that funding for this, and other research is obtained through federal tax dollars.

"I think that's important to say, that our tax dollars go to things other than bailing out AIG," she said.

Lennartz also thinks its important to mention that the efforts on research projects such as this one are collaborative between physicians and scientists, allowing the research to cover all angles and examine all possibilities.

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For more information about heart disease, visit www.GoRedForWomen.org.


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