Colonie silent on noise law

With a decibel meter, Heider demonstrated that speaking at a normal volume and measuring from the back of the meeting room, the noise level was at 60 decibels.

"Under the current law, someone is not able to go and have a conversation on their deck," said Heider.

He warned that it would be difficult to come up with a decibel level that would satisfy everyone's idea of what is acceptable noise, "unless you make it so that we cannot talk or exist outside our houses."

He did think the town should look into setting decibel limits for apartment-type housing throughout the town.

Joe Lombardo, a Colonie resident who lives on Purtell Avenue, told those at the meeting that he and his neighbors "have no tool to stop" the noise that is coming from the bar that he and Mo Hannah live behind.

"It's like someone's playing a radio that you can't turn off," he said.

Lombardo said that if bar owners would shut the back door, perhaps the noise would not be as loud at his home. Several times, he said, he has gone over to the bar and asked the owner to shut the door, only to find it open again by the time he returns to his home.

Heider said the police cannot force the bar, by law, to close its door.

In response to Lombardo's comments, Town Attorney Michael Magguilli said, "Bar owners have rights, but the homeowners have rights as well. We have to come up with some type of balance."

The subject will now come to another public hearing on Thursday, July 16, at which point the board will have to vote on the measure.


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