Supervisor Cunningham disputes cop's claim

Both sides say the other is falsely misrepresenting the facts of the case to prove the other one is discriminating or trying to prove misconduct.

"The timing of this is really the issue," said Hughes. Hughes said he came forward because he had no other choice.

"Do I want to do this stuff? Do I want to embarrass my police department?" Hughes asked. "No, of course not, but I'm being forced to because the chain of command has been broken and I'm forced up against the wall."

The following is a timeline of actions taken by Town of Bethlehem officials and police officer Chris Hughes regarding an alleged racist comment made by Bethlehem Chief Louis Corsi:

Dec. 16, 2008 "Corsi sends a letter to officer Hughes regarding "a pattern of abuse or excessive sick time use."

March 12, 2009 " Hughes writes a six-page letter to Bethlehem PBA president about internal problems.

March 16 " Hughes sends an addendum to the March 12 letter to the PBA president about "false rumors" and more internal issues.

April 3 " Hughes does not show up for his shift and calls in sick for what his doctor later diagnoses as a Strep infection.

April 5 " Hughes sends a new six-page letter to the PBA president asking for his personnel file and complains of more internal problems. He hands in a doctor's note for his most recent absence.

April 10 " Corsi sends a letter to Hughes about absences on April 3-5, saying the doctor's note he supplied was "inadequate," and asks for "specific information."

April 14 " Hughes' doctor writes a letter stating Hughes had "a Strep infection" and was advised to remain out of work until April 8 "because he could have been contagious." A 30-day suspension over the April 3 absence is believed to be given around this time, but the document is undated.

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