A larger than life inspiration

At 3 feet, 9 inches John Robinson doesn't stand very tall, but the story he has to share is larger than life.

Born as a congenital amputee no hands, no knees Robinson came into the world looking a little different. He has long since come to grips with his disability and has led a healthy and productive life that some might even say is more than many people with both of their hands and knees experience.

You won't hear Robinson, 40, saying that, however, because he'll tell you he's just like everyone else " which is what makes his story so special.

" Even though I may look different on the outside, inside I'm just like everyone else," he said. "Growing up I wanted what everyone else wanted. I wanted to be on the team as a kid. I wanted to play sports and have fun."

All grown up, Robinson still sought and achieved a normal life.

"The overriding theme of my story is that while I may appear different, I'm not," he said. "I've got the wife and kids and the dog and the mortgage payment and all of it, and it's a good life like any other."

Moving to Glenmont from Syracuse in 2000 to work as broadcast salesman, in which he now holds a management position, Robinson only recently began to publicly share his story. He is the subject of a 60-minute documentary that that is airing on WMHT on Thursday, June 18, at 8 p.m., called, "Get off your knees: The John Robinson Story."

It will also be rebroadcast on Sunday, June 21, at 7 p.m.

Robinson's story is one of inspiration, determination and overcoming.

"My hurdles may be a little different than other people's hurdles, but if someone hears my story and feels better about themselves or motivated to do better for themselves, then that's a good thing," Robinson said.

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