A larger than life inspiration

Graduating from Syracuse University, Robinson leads a busy life. When he was born with arms only to his elbow and his legs attached to his hips without knees, his parents had many questions.

Would he go to school? Would he be able to find gainful employee and support himself?

Married with three children, Robinson does much more than just support himself. He drives a car, plays golf, coaches soccer, holds committee positions and even helped carry the torch in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Ga.

Another personal highlight for Robinson 10 years later was taking his son to see the Pittsburgh Steelers win the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit.

Robinson said he enjoyed making the documentary and was pleased with the final product.

"At first I was not used to having the camera around all over the place, but we got used to it pretty quick," he said. "Overall it was a fantastic experience, and I was glad to share it with my family."

Longtime friend Libby Post, who is president and CEO of Communication Services in Albany, said Robinson is pure inspiration.

"He's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. His determination and ability to put people at ease given his physical presentation is just phenomenal," Post said. "He's just been able to accomplish so much in his life."

Robinson is also gearing up for the launching of his autobiography called, "Get Off Your Knees: A Story of Faith, Courage, and Determination," which is being published by Syracuse University Press later this summer.

Much like the documentary, the book will outline Robinson's life.

"I had kept a journal for a long time growing up and I began to put it together and Syracuse University Press decided they were interested in printing it," said Robinson.

WMHT will post video segments on its Web site, www.wmht.org, and will make the complete film available on DVD. The Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Office of the Chancellor of Syracuse University and Cornell University were all sponsors of the film.

Robinson's autobiography will be available through shopwmht.org, SU Press and all major book retailers.


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