Open wide and say 'Awwwww'

It's a story so sweet it will give you a toothache.

Not only is Dr. Rebecca Szymczak-Evans returning to her hometown of Glenville to open up a family dentistry practice, she's opening it right next to her father's practicealong with her husband, Dr. Don Evans, whom she met their first day of school at the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry.

We met the first day of dental school at our orientation at University of Buffalo we went through dental school together," said Rebecca. They studied together through their residency at Ellis Hospital and graduated together last Thursday, June 18.

Don said their relationship originally revolved around studying.

"That's what we were very good at doing and it evolved from there " we spent a lot of time when we weren't married studying together and getting what we needed to get done for dental school, and now its just a logical progression," said Don. "We're very good at getting things done together."

Rebecca said she and her husband leaned on each other throughout their residency at Ellis. Having the same educational background made it that much easier to share ideas, she said.

"That allowed us to bounce different treatment options off of each other, and it's kind of like you always have a second pair of eyes who can read a graph or give their approach to a treatment plan," she said.

Don added this is particularly helpful with those late-night or early-morning emergencies. "When you have a phone call with a 10-year-old who knocked his tooth out, you can wake up the other person and say, 'What do you think?'"

Rebecca and Don were the only two students to graduate this year from Ellis Hospital's Dental Residency Program, which means that one of them was always on call. They alternated nights.

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