ARC has room for everyone

The organization's day program for working is expansive.

There is one program where people participating in the program go out into the workforce, and there is also a program where individuals stay at a worksite, which is a large production site.

"It's more of a plant floor where you would see a lot of things going into production," said Denofio.

"They employ about 130 people at the facilities so anyone who is working on the projects is, for the most part, with a disability," said Denofio.

However, he noted that there are floor supervisors and others without disabilities supervising.

Projects the group has worked on include everything from assembling windshield wipers for every state trooper vehicle in the state to assembling CD packages to be sent out to various music stores.

"Whether they have a disability or not, that's not what comes into the factoring when these companies look into their qualifications for the job," said Denofio.

"It's about whether it's the right fit financially and if we can turn that project around in the time that they need it," said Denofio.

However, participants in the organization aren't the only ones who can find employment through Schenectady ARC. According to Linda Lahaie, executive director of Schenectady ARC, despite the tough job market, there are plenty of jobs available for people to work at Schenectady ARC.

"We're very focused on employing people to serve our population because obviously we're a very labor-intensive business, and without a really wonderful staff, we can't offer services to anyone," said Lahaie. "We have a number of job openings and we have marvelous benefits and training and tuition reimbursement for people who want to go on to get a college education."

She said there are various positions opened, ranging from bus drivers to mechanics to clinicians, psychologists and doctors.

"It's something that I think people don't immediately think of when they think of us," said Lahaie.

For information about job opportunities at Schenectady ARC, visit www.arcschenectady.org or stop by its personnel office at 214 State St., Schenectady.""

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