Controlling diabetes topic of SCCC talk

When Schenectady resident Elizabeth Villiers Gemmette was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, she was trying to make lifestyle changes to improve her health, but she didn't realize that some of these improvements might actually have been the catalyst for the problems she was experiencing.

After her diagnosis, instead of pursuing drug therapy, she decided to try to control her condition naturally. Four years later, she said, her blood-sugar levels indicate she is diabetes-free.

Gemmette spoke Tuesday, March 3, at Schenectady County Community College about how she improved her diagnosis based on a keep it simple practice, which involves knowledge, exercise, eating well, portion control, investing in books, testing blood sugar regularly, managing stress and enjoying life.

"I was overwhelmed, and I was sort of surprised," said Gemmette, who wrote a book about her experience called "Controlling Type Two Diabetes: A Natural Alternative." "I had the symptoms, but I didn't really recognize them."

Those symptoms included "overwhelming feelings of thirst, lots of trips to the bathroom and fatigue."

"I was in the gym losing weight and doing things I thought were the right things to do, but if I had to say something that got me in trouble, it was that I bought a juicer and I was putting a lot of fruit juice in the juicer, and I think that was my downfall. I think that was my path of destruction," said Gemmette.

In her talk, which was based on her book, she discusses how she reversed her diagnosis within six months "without the aid of oral drugs."

"People have asked me if I would have taken oral drugs if my first line of defense hadn't worked. Well, of course I would. But even if I had to resort to oral medicine at first and/or insulin later, I still would have followed my own diet, exercise and weight loss program," said Gemmette in the introduction of her book.

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