Helping the budget one stool at a time

According to Cheung, the process for welding the furniture was fairly simple: Witte would point out what needed to be fixed on the furniture, demonstrate how to weld by welding a piece of furniture himself and then stand by and watch as Cheung welded the furniture himself. Since the high school does not have a formal welding class, Witte teaches the students who are welding as they go through it.

The entire welding "lesson" begins with Witte teaching the student who is welding about the safety gear, and how it is needed to protect the students from the bright light of the welding. Once the safety gear was on, Cheung said it took him about 15 minutes to weld each stool.

While Witte said the school has let students complete the welding projects for a number of years, this year is very different.

"I just look at it as, these are tight fiscal times that we're in and with this, the school is able to spend money on other things," Witte said.

Principal David Wetzel said, "We're always looking for ways to save the district money. We live in a disposable society. People just throw things away and buy them new."

Wetzel said that he is glad that the students can refurbish the furniture and actually learn something while saving the district money.


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