Ken Runion fears for his safety after name pops up on Web sites

Redlich said he suspects Runion is actually the one behind those sites and is "covering his tracks" when it comes to content on the Internet.

Runion said those charges were simply not true.

"Mr. Redlich can say what he wants. The Internet and Web is a strange thing. I'm not going to get into it. I'm concentrating on getting things done for the town," said Runion.

Redlich said that if Runion is concerned that his personal information was used to create the Web sites, he should contact the proper authorities.

"I think Ken Runion should call the feds," said Redlich, who agreed that if someone used Runion's information and e-mail account to start the site, it should be addressed.

Runion said Redlich's site, www.KenRunion.com, also seems like a case of identity theft, although Redlich disagreed. He said domain names are public, and the nature of politics allows for the free flow of information.

Redlich said the growing phenomenon of Web-based campaigning is a result of the speedy and widespread delivery of messages the medium provides.

He said, though, it is not the only avenue for communication, and it is still important to communicate with constituents in other ways.

On his site, Redlich addresses several issues, including increasing property taxes, secretive government and the connection between Runion and former police chief James Murley.

Murley recently accepted a plea bargain on charges of gambling at an Upstate casino while on town time, and has been involved in claims of sexual harassment.

"The reality is Ken Runion bears some responsibility for Murley," Redlich said on Friday, March 13. "We want the town governed well."

Runion countered that he did everything in his power to address the situation.

"As soon as an issue was brought to my attention about Mr. Murley, I took action," Runion said. "I believe that I did whatever was in my power."

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