Poll changes tenor of congressional race

"He's going to make sure that if someone is trying to distort his record, that the record is set straight," added Fitzpatrick.

Part of setting that record straight was Tedisco's straight answer on how he would have voted on the recently passed federal recovery package " he would have voted "no." The answer came on Monday, March 16, after the Murphy campaign had called into question his non-answers on the issue for weeks.

Tedisco criticized the pork in the stimulus package and his campaign has seized upon the assertion that "working families are mad as hell" about wasteful spending.

Murphy's campaign wasted little time in reminding voters it took Tedisco so much time to review the stimulus bill.

"It's just shameful that it took well over a month for Assemblyman Tedsico to finally admit that he'd vote 'no' on saving or creating 76,000 jobs in Upstate New York," said Murphy.

But elections are not made of just two figures. National organizations with large bankrolls for both parties are running their own advertisements in the district " the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee are both dedicated to increasing their party's representation in Congress, and with the hectic November elections behind them, they both have the time to concentrate on New York's 20th.

Since ads began appearing in the election, the message presented by the RNCC has closely jibed with Tedisco's officially sanctioned blurbs. Both presented Murphy as a fat cat businessman.

"Scott Murphy: Part of the Problem," said a RNCC ad after insinuating that Murphy supported CEO bonuses for failing companies.

"Murphy's just another Wall Street millionaire," said an ad from the Tedisco campaign.

In both ads, Murphy is tied to the wealthy and exploitative financial market culture.

On the Democrat side, the messages also coincided.

From the DNCC on Tedisco: "Typical politics we just can't afford."

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