Attorney: Ammo law OK

"My thoughts really haven't changed," he said. "It's a well-intentioned law, but it really does not solve the problem."

Mendick said he does not think the law will solve the problem because it would only apply to those purchasing ammunition within Albany County. He said that those who want to purchase ammunition for a violent purpose could simply travel to one of the surrounding counties to purchase it without question.

"It doesn't have the teeth that it really needs. In order to make the law effective, it would need to be a state law," Mendick said. "I don't think that it's a law that really meets the needs at this point in time. It doesn't meet their goal, and their goal is to reduce gun violence."

Steck argues that while it might not always deter criminals from purchasing ammunition and using it to commit violent crimes, it could deter individuals who were previously arrested for gun violence from repeating their crimes.

Steck said the only other way to regulate whether criminals are purchasing ammunition is to have a police officer outside of gun shops, which would be impossible.

Local Law A will be the topic of a public hearing this month, Steck said, before it will be sent back to the law committee for review.


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