Local dentist leaves a dazzling impression

Hart said the social mentality about oral hygiene is a big part of that.

"Each generation, generally, has had healthier mouths, and we credit the parents of the community as whole because of that," Hart said.

The other big change is the trend of cosmetic dentistry.

"If you travel the world, you realize that cosmetics is much more important in America than anyplace else," Wilson said. "In fact, if you go to Europe with your teeth whitened or beautiful veneers on them, they would say, 'Oh, you're an American' or 'You have American teeth.'"

Wilson said this trend may eventually hop across the pond.

"Europe is much more accepting of yellow teeth as they age or crooked teeth, but I think this cosmetic boom and demand by the patients is somewhat of a uniquely American phenomenon. But it's probably going to be followed by rest of the world."

Sitting in their 840 Kenwood Ave. office, Wilson and Hart reminisced about their start in the business with The Spotlight.

"[Wilson] became a dentist and came to the area in '67 after a stint in the Navy," Hart said of his colleague. "He and I have been together since '73, when I left military service."

Wilson joined with Dr. Robert King in Delmar before Hart joined.

"As he did with Dr. King, we share a lot of the same philosophies on how patients should be treated," said Hart. "I mention Dr. King because he was essentially the founder of all of this."

Wilson described local support over the years as "incredible."

"I have probably received no fewer than 50 letters and cards from patients, most of them being in our practice 30 or 40 years, and by second- and sometimes even third-generation patients," Wilson said. "Yesterday a patient I saw said, 'You know, I grew up in this practice as a child, my parents were your patients,' and then their children become patients."

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