Plan B for press box

Noetzel said the district has been in communication with the agencies, working with them to try and come up with a solution to make the press box useable, and ensuring that they understand that the district uses the facility frequently for athletic events.

"We have meetings periodically; we're trying to figure out what to do," he said. "They're working with us because they know we need it. But they also know that we didn't get approval to build a new one."

This week, Buhner said, the district sought to address rumors that were being spread that the district is planning to build a new press box so that voters do not take that false statement into consideration before deciding whether to vote in favor of the budget.

Buhner said the district has gotten another extension for the press box "through the fall sports season this year." But beyond that, Buhner said, the district is looking into what the district can do to make the old press box useable, instead of planning for a new one.

"There will be no new press box. There's no money," said Buhner. "We're just working with the existing agencies to see what we can do to the structure that's there to try to see what we can do to continue to use it after this year."

The district plans to comply with the agencies by making adjustments to the physical exterior of the building, including reinforcement to the structure, which Buhner said will be done in-house by district employees without additional costs to the district or taxpayers. The district also plans to close the third floor of the building permanently.


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