Trustees see new library in Voorheesville's future

Although the board is not asking for public money at this time, it is possible in the future.

"The board is devoting considerable effort at this time to identifying alternative funding sources that will help reduce the use of public dollars," Ramsey wrote in the letter. "We will also use this time to put in place the legal and financial structures that allow us to hit the ground running when it is appropriate to actively begin raising the funds for the project."

The survey indicated 81 percent of the town "would support" or "possibly would support" a new library.

"Most of you are well aware that the current building offers no physical separation between child and adult spaces, that we lack a place for young adults and teen, or for small group study or comfortable reading and that we have no room to expand our collection," Ramsey wrote in the letter.

The current building is not energy efficient, storage space is limited and adding new items means taking old ones down.

Several factors contributed to the decision to construct a new library, rather than expand the old one, according to the library engineering consultant Sano-Rubin and architect J. Stewart Roberts.

The building is constructed out of nonreinforced concrete and does not provide enough stability to knock any walls down. Heating and ventilation problems would likely ensue from linking an addition. The south has no room to expand, and the septic system is located eastward, requiring $50,000 to relocate it.

The building does not have enough lateral stability to expand upward, and reinforcing it would be more expensive than building a new structure.

Sano-Rubin also estimated the building will need $780,000 worth of work within the next few years.

Rich Bader, a resident of Voorheesville, indicated the importance of a library in the village.

"Because our town does not have a coffee shop, a music store, video rental store or movie theater, community space at the library can serve all those popular needs. Draw people in and they will discover what the library is all about," said Bader.

The library is hosting a public meeting on Monday, May 18, at 7 p.m. to discuss its proposed $988,600 budget to be voted on the following day.


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