City center plan gets redo

Starting construction during the racing season would be troublesome, so the new target for groundbreaking is September.

Construction is expected to take 14 months, during which time the facility will remain open.

The city referred the expansion to the DRC following a community backlash to the modern appearance that some said clashed with surrounding Victorian architecture. Kane said he thinks the changes will be better received.

"Everybody felt like [the authority] listened to us; they listened to the public," he said. "They brought back many changes that helped widen the comfort zone of people."

Though the DRC was tasked with only examining the exterior of the proposal, in an interview Kane said that he would like to see features like radiant heating in the sidewalk (for snow removal) and a backup generator added.

Though adding a generator would not be in the authority's budget, finding the funding elsewhere could mean the creation of a safe haven for residents during a disaster like December's ice storm.

"To me, I think it's a shame if we build a building like that and don't make it something that will truly serve the county," said Kane. "This is a building that could and should be relied upon in a time of need.""

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