Colonie Center debuts innovative advertising

Lawyer would not disclose the price of each advertising machine, but said each one costs, "well over $5,000 each."

John Rigos, 48, of Hudson, walked past the advertisement at Colonie Center that displayed soda cans jumping up and down toward the middle, where two soda cans jumped up and hit each other in a high-five fashion as one walks past.

"It catches my eye," Rigos said. "It makes me go, 'Wow, I haven't seen something like this before.'"

Rigos said if he were to see an advertisement like it, it would likely encourage him to take a closer look at the product it is advertising.

Larry Williams, 64, of Colonie, said the image was too distorted to encourage him to purchase the products shown.

"It's different," he said. "If it was sharper, I'd have noticed it more."

Jennifer Cole, 24, of Schenectady, said "It's hard to see."

Lawyer said he is convinced that more people will be attracted to the advertisements put in the Zeno than not, and that in crowded areas, they will convey product information to those who do not have time to stop and read the signs.

Lawyer said Colonie Center has already purchased five Zeno advertisements that are being installed in the mall in the first week of November. Several more were purchased and being installed in the Times Union Center." the series of compressed and stretched images that extends up to 8 ft. creates an illusion of motion when a person walks by the advertisement.

As was on display at Colonie Center during the advertisement debut on Thursday, Oct. 22, using Zeno, clients can create the illusions of rotating cars, flipping cell phones, jumping soda cans and more.

The images are simply displayed on a long piece paper. In between the distorted image are several black lines. These lines serve to train the eye to see the image as moving when a person walks past.

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