Colonie town library increases overdue fee

As long as you get them in on time, you shouldn't see any difference.

The William K. Sanford increased its overdue fees for book titles from 10 cents to 20 cents per item per day on Sunday, Nov. 1. The fee will max out at $5 per item which the book title borrower will have to pay before checking out another title.

According to Richard Naylor, library director, The last time we changed it was about 16 years ago and this is the second time we've raised it.

Naylor said the original overdue fee was 5 cents when the library first opened in 1976.

This time, the library decided to raise its fee because the cost of the max out, which used to be $3, was such a small percentage of the actual cost of the book that borrowers could end up keeping the books for such a small fee.

"It's a small percentage of the cost of the book," he said.

To get to the new fee, Naylor said the library added inflation.

"It's proportionally the same in terms of the dollar," Naylor said, comparing the $5 maximum fee to what the $3 maximum fee would have been in 1976.

When asked whether the decision to raise the overdue fee had anything to do with the economy, Naylor said, "You can't really disconnect the two."

But Naylor said that it is not the main reason the library decided to increase the overdue fee.

"The main thing is that we want to get the item back for another person and that overrides everything," he said.

When books are not returned on time, Naylor said they are unable to circulate throughout the library and into the hands of a new borrower. By decreasing circulation there are higher chances that when someone comes to the library looking for a particular book, it might not be there.

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