Rotterdam Approves 2010 Budget

Godlewski went on to say that the decrease in the town attorney's budget has the town robbing from the work of the town attorney, stating, "you're robbing Peter to pay Paul."

Former board member Diane Marco also spoke about the decrease in the town attorney budget, stating that the budget decrease is unimaginable. "I just can't sit here as a previous board member for eight ears. I have never seen the town attorney budget decrease like this," said Marco, "it is unrealistic."

"Do you really think you will get an attorney to come in here to do all this work for $20,000? I don't think so," said Godlewski.

While the elected members of the incoming Town of Rotterdam board were disappointed with the actions of the leaving board, Deputy Supervisor Joseph Signore believes that there are few items to complain about with a surplus of nearly $2.5 million in the fund balance. "The new board is coming in with a two and a half million dollar surplus with no tax increases in the past three years," said Signore, "there are very few things to complain about."

"Our costs for our attorney fees are on par with the last ten years," said Tommasone in defense of the budget for the town attorney. Tommasone stated that people must understand that the town attorney budget also takes into account other fees including those associated with the Police Benevolent Association, labor costs and creation of policies for the town. "They try to characterize that its only lawyer costs," he said, "If they has their knowledge of looking at prior administrations they would see that the costs are below average."

The town board also passed resolutions to for bids to replace the Rotterdam Police Department's current digital alarm receivers, a request to authorize the town planner t submit to the Capital District Transportation Committee a request to add the Hamburg St. Corridor Improvement project to the 2010-2015 Regional Transportation Improvement Program, resolution to submit a grant application to the Capital District Transportation Committee to conduct a Five Corners Land use and Transportation study and a resolution to bid for the sale of town vehicles. All resolutions were passed unanimously by all members in attendance. Councilmember John Mertz, a Republican affiliated with the No New Tax Party, was not in attendance.


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