A Clifton Park Getaway

The Getaway opened in Clifton Park Center on Oct. 1, and it isn't your typical sports bar. Ice cream replaces alcohol at the bar and the target group isn't rowdy college students looking for a party, but youth, young adults and families.

It was started by longtime Clifton Park residents Tom and Gail Alverson as a place where local kids could hang out after school and on the weekends without the influence of alcohol and the atmosphere that it creates.

It just kind of hit us one day, said Tom Alverson. "I have four kids that graduated from high school and a son in school now, and there was really nowhere that they could go to hang out with friends."

Alverson said he hasn't heard of another restaurant trying out this concept and that he just thought it was important for the local youth to have a place they could feel was their own. Providing an atmosphere void of alcohol is his way of giving them an appropriate venue to have fun in.

"We're really trying to keep [kids] in control here. It's their place after school so we have three big-screen TVs, video games they can play, a jukebox they can listen to and an after-school special from 3 to 5 p.m. that features $1.50 hotdogs, hamburgers and soft drinks," said Alverson. "We want [The Getaway] to be a place where kids can get a full meal, drink and play arcade games for under $10."

The Getaway has already become a popular hangout for kids. Alverson said the restaurant saw a huge turnout for the World Series and that it gets busier by the day.

"The school really isn't that far away, so a lot of kids have been walking over and some of the high-schoolers have their own cars," said Alverson, who's so optimistic about business that he's opening on Thanksgiving to broadcast the Giants game not being aired on basic cable.

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