Colonie supervisor debate to be held on Oct. 28

By Monday afternoon, Farrell said, a new date was chosen, but he added that the candidates would have to sign off on the new time. By Tuesday, both candidates agreed to the Oct. 28 date.

Farrell said Hoblock and other Republican candidates would still be meeting for a town forum at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road on Wednesday, Oct. 21, as that was the original date they promised the public they would come out and speak about town issues.

"The reason why we're doing it on the 21st is because that's the day we were scheduled to be there, and we're committed to being there," said Farrell.

Farrell said the Republicans will discuss "the truth about the deficit picture, the mistakes Paula Mahan has made since taking office that have worsened the deficit, and any other issues that the public would like to discuss."

Farrell said that Mahan would be invited to also engage in a debate on that date, but whether or not she attends, Hoblock would still be talking about those issues.

Phil Steck, campaign spokesman for Mahan, said that he did not know many of the details about the Republican's event on Oct. 21, but that the

Democrats would not be participating in political games.

"I don't know anything about what the Republicans are trying to do in an effort to engage in political theater," he said. "If they had any real issues in this race, they would be raising the real issues instead of raising the fact that Paula is refusing to debate when, in fact, she is debating."

Steck also added that he thinks that holding this is, "insulting to the voters."

The debate is sponsored by the Colonie Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters. A moderator has not been chosen yet.

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