Garden grows on Bethlehem Central Middle School students

The students met on Tuesday, Oct. 5, to do some harvesting.

Warford said just from pulling carrots and lettuce on one day, the garden club produced more than 100 lbs of produce.

Many of the products are donated to local food pantries, said Beverly Hulse, a seventh grade math teacher.

His mantra for the day they harvested last week, was "Pull a carrot, wash a carrot, then eat a carrot."

Olivia Lukasiewicz, a seventh-grader, was picking some green beans and getting them out of the ground before the first frost.

'If we left them in, it wouldn't be any good," she said.

The garden has beats, onions and potatoes as well as a number of other vegetables that the school has been using in its cafeteria since the year began.

Warford said the clubs interest might be outgrowing its product, and he is considering a possible expansion next year.

"We need more garden," he said. "And it looks like there's enough student interest."

He said the logistics of where to place additional garden is an important issues that needs to be worked out first.

"Space is always an issue," Warford said.

Warford said a large number of teachers have helped make the garden club possible, including Dave Lendrum, a science teacher at the school.

He said the credit belongs to everyone who worked toward the garden, and no on person in particular.

The club meets twice each week, for an hour.

He also said the school wants to be a model for environmental stewardship, and the garden goes along with a number of initiatives such as energy conservation and solar paneling.""

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