Seven New Scotland Republicans leave the committee

A number of New Scotland Republican Party members have resigned from the committee, and have chosen to endorse candidate Doug LaGrange, who also recently took leave from the committee.

LaGrange issued an e-mail to party leadership stating he will remain a Republican, but will not be an active member of the committee beginning Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Six members joined him Friday, Oct. 2: Kurt Anderson, Chuck Voss, Joe Defronzo, Susan Defronzo, Janna Shillinglaw and Jason Windsor.

The resigning members said there is a schism within the local Republican Committee that cannot be healed.

"The other members of the Republican Committee, as well as candidates Roz Robinson and Mike Fields, have shown that they will not act to limit inappropriate, large-scale growth in our community," the letter reads.

Robinson, a Republican who won one of two GOP lines on the ballot after a primary election, said the committee had pledged to back the candidates who won the line after the primary, but many committee members are now stepping down.

LaGrange also won a spot on the Republican ticket, but he and Robinson differ over commercial zoning regulations.

Robinson said LaGrange, who is cross-endorsed by Democrats, has been planning to join with the Democratic candidates for months.

LaGrange said he is working with Democratic Supervisor Tom Dolin and candidate Daniel Mackay on a non-partisan team, and said he maintains that local politics should not be about party, but about what is best for the town.

"I hope this doesn't cause problems with either party," he said.

LaGrange said he wants to leave emotions out of the decision-making process. He said he is glad to have the support of the committee members who have stepped down.

Robinson said that accusations that she supports "unchecked" retail development is "an absolute bold-faced lie."

She is campaigning with Tim Stanton and Mike Fields. Fields has the Republican line, and Stanton, along with Robinson, is awaiting a ruling on an independent nominating petition " the New Scotland First line.

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