Rotterdam GOP calls Dem challenger 'illiterate,' Dems say accusation against supervisor candidate 'ridiculous' and 'degrading'

"We have five contested races, I don't know why they don't want to debate the other four," said Cooke. "I never said that we wouldn't debate, I just asked him questions about the letter and why he wanted to debate. Why is he picking one race out of five? I don't know."

Parisi said he believes that the League of Women Voter's "Meet the Candidates Night" is an open forum during the election, but that it does not give the candidates enough time to talk about the issues that face the town.

"The [League of Women Voter's Meet the Candidates Night] is a forum for all of the candidates in Rotterdam, but there is no time for a supervisors debate," said Parisi. "Bottom line is that we want a supervisors debate. The town supervisor is the chief position in the town of Rotterdam, and we want to have a debate so that the citizens are informed of their candidates in a honest and open discussion instead of the political fliers." In his Oct. 12 letter, Parisi stated, "We wish to publicly discuss for open and honest consumption the incredible record that Supervisor Steve Tommasone has over the past four years."

Parisi then mentioned the extensive road work and the Rotterdam Junction Water tank and resulting drainage issues completed under Tommasone's tenure.

He goes on to state why he believes Del Gallo is unqualified to be supervisor of the Town of Rotterdam. Parisi said he believes that the candidate has no idea how a town government works and that he had questionable financial disclosures during the election. He added that Del Gallo "never disclosed his level of formal education and training."

"Several people have claimed/alleged that he may not be able to read or write," wrote Parisi. "The town is a complex operation. I hope this is not the case."

Parisi said he believes the other candidates the Democrats have picked for the election are fit for public office, but he wanted a debate to see if Del Gallo has the understanding needed to run town government. "I believe that this man is particularly and uniquely unqualified," said Parisi. "I can't say that about the other candidates."


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