Wildlife rehab is icing on the cake

Rutland said that in her "younger days" she used to bake seven cakes in a weekend and deliver them to various weddings and events, but has had to slow herself down to three to four cakes per weekend in recent years since her husband (the only person who was allowed to help out) died.

"I don't want to be rushing through someone's cake because my work is very precise," said Rutland.

Rutland is a strong believer in making sure she gets along with her clients " especially brides-to-be.

"First you have to be happy with the person you're working with, and they have to like your work," said Rutland.

Rutland has photo album upon photo album with pictures of her work " she's been at it since 1978. She shows brides-to-be these albums and tells them, "These are my cakes. You can have them any way you want them. You can change them all around, but this is what my work is," said Rutland.

She said she is also willing to work with photos from magazines if that's what the bride-to-be wants.

Rutland gives brides-to-be samples of cakes to bring home and taste at their leisure.

"If it's awful, what are they going to say? They're sitting in front of you," said Rutland, who added that she never worries about her cakes tasting awful because she's "very particular."

However, just in case, she does this so that clients don't feel obliged to say, "Oh, this is really good, when they don't like it."

While Rutland has made cakes for the likes of former Govs. Mario Cuomo and George Pataki, she said that she's just as happy "making cakes for Joe Schmo."

As if Rutland wasn't busy enough with her cake decorating, she also rehabilitates squirrels. Don't worry " it's legal and they never, ever go near the kitchen where she bakes her cakes. Ever.She is a New York State licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

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