The Muffin Man giveth

"Attending the wake was a sorrowful ideal," he said in a recent blog post, "but I'm so glad I was there. I can only imagine how sorrowful the family felt as well."

Pinckney has also worked with the Schenectady Damien Center and the local branch of the Salvation Army. For Thanksgiving, Pinckney plans on a promotion that will donate pies to local shelters when a pie is ordered through the Luvins Muffins Web site. The pie program has been promoted locally, as well as in Maine, Syracuse, Rhode Island and Boston. Pinckney also hopes to advertise the program through shows on up to 50 public access stations across the country.

" I don't know if we'll be able to do 10,000 pies, but that's the hope," he said. "People are really responding to it. They hear about it and go, 'Wow.'"

As his mission grows, Pinckney said he cares less about profit margins and more about the satisfaction of helping others in need. Luvins Muffins gains online orders daily, but the most important goal is helping others.

"It's more about conviction than profit margins," he said. "You don't need a big desk to be successful. I'm finding my calling; the true idea of the Muffin Man is that he is giving. Business will happen as the Muffin Man gets known for what he does." ""

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