The debate that wasn't: Rotterdam GOP candidates blast forum which dems are no-show

When they stood to discuss their platforms, the town GOP candidates spent much of the time expressing their disappointment with the League's decision to not allow questions.

"I came to debate. The League of Women Voters let the residents down," said Signore. "They did not let us answer their questions or voice concerns because our opponents did not show up. What does that say about the credibility of the local chapter of the League of Woman Voters?"

Tommasone said he had been looking forward to answering questions from the public.

"First of all, I think it's shameful that the other candidates did not come to the League of Women Voters forum," said Tommasone. "I understand that they [the League] have a protocol, but it would have been my preference to answer questions from the public regardless of who showed up."

Most outspoken was Suhrada, who said the candidates who showed up were punished for the conduct of others.

"They're in the tank with a group of individuals that used the crybaby card," said Suhrada.

Tommasone said he believes it is important for voters to hear from the people running for office.

"I am disappointed as a voter and a taxpayer that we did not have a public debate," he said. "I was hopeful that we would be able to answer questions tonight. As a candidate, if you can't come to the LWV session, then how are you going to be effective in the government of our community?"

The candidates for Schenectady County Legislature opened the event by presenting their platforms and answering questions from the community. Republican candidates Mary Barrie and Mike Viscusi, Democratic candidates Judith Dagostino and Holly Vellano and No New Tax line candidate Bradley Littlefield all spoke at the event.

The Democratic town candidates who did not appear at the event include town board candidates Nicola DiLeva, Matthew Martin and Robert Godlewski; town clerk candidate Eunice Esposito; receiver of taxes Dawn Pasquariello; and town supervisor candidate Frank Del Gallo.


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