Attorney: Land swap unnecessary for Latham Water Tank project

Mahan called this mailer "garbage," saying its messages are filled with "blatant lies," and that in order to mine on that land-which has not yet been swapped-Guptill Holding Corp. would need to obtain certain permits which have not yet been obtained.

Magguilli said the town has not yet even decided whether to swap land and that if it did, appraisals would need to be made and then brought before the town board as well as in a public hearing before a decision would be made.

At the last Town Board meeting on Thursday, Oct. 22, Charles "Skip" Guptill stood to address the board and public and said of his family, "We are in the skating business, we are in the ice cream business, we are in the birthday business. We are not in the mining business."

But Colonie Republican Committee Chairman John Graziano Jr. argues that the Guptills are in the mining business, and that if obtained, they will mine the property.

"He's a miner," he said. "He wants to mine that property, if not today, tomorrow."

Aside from the potential or non-potential of mining in the area, Graziano said he does not understand why the town would need to swap land for a federally funded project.

"It's a federal project. The Town of Colonie is only the vehicle of which the project is being done," he said. "There's no reason in the world to give Skip Guptill anything. Zero."

Bailey said the only thing he could think of for the issues being discussed simultaneously would be the close vicinity of the kettle bog to where the easement is needed, though he said this would still not be a reason to combine the issues in one resolution.

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