Four vying for town board seats in Glenville

He said that he wants to examine the potential of empty spaces throughout the town, such as the former Kmart on Route 50, for attracting new businesses.

He said the taxes brought in from these new businesses would help drastically with the tax base.

"We're talking about economic development and taxes " two things under one umbrella," said Ramotar.

Ramotar has worked for the Schenectady Economic Development Corporation as well as a number of businesses within Schenectady County. He said those experiences have helped him understand how difficult it is for businesses to survive in a down economy.

"With my experience and knowledge in this field, it's easier for me to do this and actually go through it as opposed to someone who's not involved in any kind of economic development," said Ramotar.

This is Ramotar's first time running for public office. He lives in Glenville with his wife and two children and works as vice president of Key Bank N.A. and as branch manager for the Downtown Schenectady Key Bank branch.

Ed Rosenberg

Rosenberg, who is running for his second term on the Democratic line, said that the first thing he wants to do, if re-elected, is get the town back on track in terms of public safety and keeping the tax rate as low as possible, as well as "decreasing wasteful spending."

"There are some public safety issues now. The condition of the highway fleet is something that we inherited almost four years ago. There hadn't been a new truck purchase in a long time," said Rosenberg.

In the past four years the town has purchased several trucks to add to its fleet. Rosenberg and others are now trying to put together a rotational plan where the town will purchase a new truck every year.

Despite the recent truck purchases, Rosenberg said the fleet is still in "rough shape."

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