Scotia Motors still zooming

"That is extremely inaccurate," said Koehler.

Scotia Motors can still work on Chrysler vehicles " it specializes in them " but for vehicles that are still under warranty by the Chrysler Corporation, that warranty will no longer be honored at the Scotia Motors location.

"We have paid for the tools that Chrysler insisted that we use on these vehicles. We have paid to have our technicians to be trained to work on these vehicles," said Koehler. "We have that infrastructure here, and we certainly plan on continuing to [service vehicles]. That has been our main focus right now."

She said that they are also trying to maintain their overall used car inventory, but it hasn't been easy recently.

"Right now anybody who is in the car business will tell you the used-car part of the business has changed dramatically. There aren't as many used cars out there as we've seen in the past," said Koehler.

She said that her company purchases cars from auctions and "other entities."

She also noted that Scotia Motors has the same number of technicians that it has always had " they haven't had to cut back on staffing and they don't want to.

"We keep saying that we're still here for sales and service," said Koehler.

Jim Koehler said that it's been a challenge converting to a used car dealership because of the recently wrapped up Cash for Clunkers program that was offered by the federal government, which offered credit to customers ranging from $3,500 to $4,500 to turn in their old cars for brand-new, more fuel-efficient ones.

"They put me out of business and then within the next month they started incentivizing people to buy new cars," he said.

Koehler said that he has $150,000 worth of brand-new Chrysler car parts that he can't sell.

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