New Scotland Planning Board to review zoning law with caps

Prior to the vote, several residents had criticisms of the language used in the laws.

New Scotland resident Christine Galvin said Reilly's law, Local Law H, has definitions of "department store," "essential services" and "home occupation," which are already spelled out in other literature and did not need to be included in the law.

Daniel Mackay, one of the founding members of the advocacy group New Scotlanders for Sound Economic Development and a candidate for Town Board, said he wished there was more time to review the laws, but was happy to see both on the agenda. He asked that both be looked at on an even keel and in public workshops.

Bob Mitchell, an architect in town, said Reilly often uses Stuyvesant Plaza in Guilderland as an example of what residents want in town, but questioned if that is really the case. He said people like the feel of Stuyvesant Plaza but might not be aware of how big it really is.

"Nobody knows the size of anything," Mitchell said, adding that numbers constantly get thrown around in discussions but without context.""

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