UPDATED: Corsi comment confirmed, but not criminal

Hughes also alleged that Corsi attempted to have the conversation erased from the department's archives. Potter said that while Corsi did speak to communications officers, his actions were not illegal.

"No public record was ever destroyed, we have the tape and based on our investigation of what the chief said or might have said, we don't think that there's any crime associated with any conversation he had," said Potter.

"I don't believe he requested to have the tape erased, he may have inquired whether it was possible to have the tape erased," Potter continued.

"I hear a lot of mincing of words," Hughes said on the issue. "The bottom line is 'erased' and 'tapes' were used in the same sentence."

As for the comment itself, the town concluded that the statement was not made in reference to a particular individual.

"You can see from the tape that was not evidence in any case, that was a conversation between two police officers that happened to be recorded," Potter said.

The investigation has been criticized for its length and the fact Beebe was heading it, with Hughes and the Bethlehem Police Benevolent Association calling for an independent look. The town has said that the information on the CDs reviewed"51 in all"contained confidential information.

"There could have been ways to sensitively and confidentially expand the resources that were involved in the review of the digital material to find the transcript that was found on Monday," said Councilman Sam Messina. "I think it could have been handled more expeditiously."

Shortly after the town announced its findings on Friday, Corsi, who has remained silent throughout the investigation, released a statement.

"I sincerely apologize for my use of improper and inappropriate language during the course of that conversation. While I am sorry I used this language, it was not directed at any individual or group. I did not intend any bigotry, harm or prejudice in my words. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not condone this type of language publicly or privately," Corsi said.

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