UPDATED: Corsi comment confirmed, but not criminal

The officials The Spotlight spoke with declined to say what, if any, disciplinary actions will be imposed on Corsi, saying that determination is a "personnel matter" and they are thus barred from discussing it. Cunningham did say he expects the Town Board to address the matter in an executive session sometime next week.

A transcription of the conversation follows:

January 26, 2006

Recorder time at start of 10:46:15 hours incoming phone call on 518-439-9974

T/C Powell answered the call-

Bethlehem Police, Powell

John Mahan Hey, it's the Under Sheriff, is Louie ah, the Chief in?

T/C Powell Yes, hold one second.

Jennifer Paigo Hi, John hold on a second, ok?

John Mahan Thanks, hon.

Jennifer Paigo You're welcome.

Lou Corsi Hello

John Mahan Buddy

Lou CorsiWhat are ya doing?

John MahanWondering if you are having a good day or a bad day with your call?

Lou CorsiI don't know, see how it goes. Not too much. How about you?

John MahanAh, what ya doin'?

Lou CorsiHa, trying to survive.

John MahanWhy?

Lou CorsiYou know, if I could tell you, you'd be (expletive) like, what the (expletive)?

John MahanWork or personal?

Lou CorsiOh yeah, oh yeah. I got niggers in the woodpile.

John MahanOh, really?

Lou CorsiOh, yeah.

John MahanDepartmentally?

Lou CorsiYeah.

John MahanWe taped or what?

Lou CorsiWha, how'd you call in here?

John Mahan549..ah 9 9973. Call me back 487-xxxx (retracted)

Lou CorsiSay that again.

John Mahan487-xxxx (retracted)

Lou CorsiOk.

Call terminated at 10:47:50


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