Ballston town council race gets even tighter

Seymour said that he's waiting to see how everything plays out.

"Obviously one of the comments is that every vote really does count," said Seymour.

He said that in the case of a three-way tie, "somehow the Independence Party has to make a decision on who they want on that Independence line, and how they do that I'm not sure, and I'm not going to predict how that happens," said Seymour.

Hynes said she believes the person who cast the contested ballot simply made a mistake.

"Our position is that this was a technicality " that it was an inadvertent mistake," said Hynes. "She's a college student. Clearly she'll be gone until the end of school next year, and it's very common for college students to vote absentee, and her vote, whatever it is, should be counted."

The Board of Elections has until Friday, Sept. 25, to make a decision or bring a lawsuit to the table over the last absentee ballot.

"It's my understanding that they are gearing up to do so," said Hynes. "It's tough to be in a race that's this close."

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