Independence Party probes charges

During the press conference, Hoblock called on Colonie Town Supervisor Paula Mahan to rescind any and all employment applications Champagne has with the town, as well as to remove herself from the Independence Party endorsement. Caputo said he was unsure whether removing the endorsement would be possible.

"I don't think that's possible at this time; she is our candidate," Caputo said.

When asked whether he would pursue Mahan's withdrawal from the endorsement, Hoblock said, "No, I think that's for Mrs. Mahan and Paul Caputo to decide."

Caputo said the committee would most likely be considering the allegations presented in Sept. 11 online Spotlight article ("Colonie Indy chair waffles on endorsement, denies brokering for town job"), as well as an e-mail that was sent to several Independence Party committee members and Colonie Republican committee members, calling on the Independence Party to re-consider allowing a primary for the supervisor race and issuing Hoblock a Wilson Pakula, allowing the party to endorse a candidate outside its membership.

The e-mail, dated Friday, July 17, and written by Champagne, reads, "I ask that you should consider what I have said and respond to me by Sunday noon time if you would be in support of holding an Emergency Executive Committee Meeting for the purpose of reconsidering whether or not to allow a primary for the Supervisor of Colonie position and issue a Pakula to Mike Hoblock."

Champagne later said that the reason he wrote this e-mail was because he felt threatened by Hoblock, whom he called "a powerful man."

Hoblock said, "I don't know where Ken got that story," in regard to Champagne's claim that he felt threatened by him.

On Wednesday, Champagne said, at this point, he is not planning on removing himself from his chairmanship.

"I am just sitting back and waiting for the subcommittee," he said. "The facts are out there. There was no wrongdoing.""

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