LaGrange takes leave from Republican Party

Republican candidate Doug LaGrange has announced he is taking time away from the party committee, but not planning to join with another party, according to an email he sent.

\Bear in mind that I am entertaining a leave of absence, rather than a resignation but that is still to be decided upon. I would also stress that I am not changing parties or betraying my committee. Half of the committee has chosen a different route than me and I have to separate myself from them, he said in the email."

LaGrange said he is considering forming a non-partisan slate, or running alone. He also said that he is a "strong-minded" Republican on national issues, but local matters do not call for such partisanship.

"I will continue to guide our town with facts and not emotions or other motivations," he said.

LaGrange also said the potential for big-box retail in town is still a reality, and representatives from Sphere Development LLC, may have indicated that they are no longer interested in New Scotland, but that does not mean the town is in the clear. He said he is concerned about this, and it affected his decision.

"One major fact is that Sphere has only claimed to have lost some interest! They have not gone away and if they

do, someone else will take their place. Remember, Sphere said our zoning is a beacon to all large scale developers in the Northeast. I would run with

anyone who is for responsible planning and would encourage a commercial development that will help our tax base and not cost our residents like the Walmart plaza in Glemont did to their residents," he said in the email.

He cited high taxes, crime and traffic as results of big-box developments.

"If Mr. Dolin and Mr. Mackay would assure me that they are on the same page, I would strongly consider running with them. If not, I will go it alone. I think there voters in our town realize I am solely trying to do what is best for our community without infringing on personal rights," he said.

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