LaGrange takes leave from Republican Party

LaGrange's letter to Republican Chairman Lance Luther can be seen here:

Dear Chairman Luther,

It is with extreme regret that I must announce my resignation from the New Scotland Republican Committee. This is a decision that was, by no means, arrived at lightly. I have invested much time and effort into making our committee more relevant and0 viable, in New Scotland and Albany County, but my efforts have been, for the short-term, undermined. After this election I would be happy to rejoin the committee, if you would have me, but I believe many changes will have to take place.

As a conservative Reagan Republican, I am very proud of my political beliefs on a national level but those beliefs rarely, at best, come into play on the local level. Our town, at this point in time and addressing the main issue before us, requires a non-partisan, informed and thought out approach. Emotions and personality conflicts cannot blind us in our

decision making. Conservative Republicans believe in the rule of law, respect for those they represent, government transparency and honesty. I have arrived

at all my decisions with these beliefs as my guide. I am truly disheartened that others have chosen to doubt me and have not even given me the courtesy of a phone call to question me.

In addition to the above, because of our major differences on the primary issue of this election, I must also run independently from the unendorsed candidates on the Republican line. This situation is not self-created. This is due to their stance against me on the main issue before us and what I perceive as ignorance of the other issues raised. Though I hold no

animosity towards either of these candidates, the divide between us appears to be to wide to bridge. I am committed to run solely on my ability and vision and will not participate in any negatives towards them. I have, for the thirty two years of my adult, voting life, always been a Republican and continue to be such, but to paraphrase Ronald Reagan; I have not left the local Republican party, the candidates that I find myself with and half of the committee, have left me.


Doug LaGrange

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