Guilderland hosts extra hazardous waste day

The Town of Guilderland will host a supplemental Hazardous Waste Collection Day on Wednesday, Sept. 30, from 4-8 p.m., according its Web site.

The event will be held at 6363 French's Mill Road at Guilderland Center.

A pass will be required to participate and may be picked up at the Transfer Station or Town Clerk's Office. Your vehicle registration will be required, the Web site states.

The town asks that the following safety procedures be followed:

1. All hazardous wastes must be in their original, labeled container

2. Tighten caps and lids

3. Never mix chemicals

4. Sort and pack chemicals securely in a sturdy cardboard box; use newspaper or cardboard to keep items from tipping or hitting each other

5. Wrap leaking containers in newspaper and place in plastic bags or large container. Place chemicals that may react with each other in separate parts of the car

6. Do not leave product in a hot, unventilated vehicle for any extended period of time

7. Do not smoke near chemicals

8. At the collection site, please stay in your vehicle. Workers will unload the materials

Listed acceptable items are:


Paints (oil base, latex)

Wood Preservatives and Stains

Thinners and Solvents

Drain Cleaners

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Hobby Chemicals/Paints


Automotive Fluids/Batteries

Cleaning Products


Asbestos (wet and double bagged)

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Listed unacceptable items are:


Medical and Infectious Waste


Radioactive Materials

Controlled Substances

Known Dioxins

Compressed Gases (Aerosols Are OK)

Commercial/Industrial Wastes

Empty Paint Cans (Thrown in Trash)

Empty Aerosols (Thrown in Trash)

Household Alkaline Batteries (Thrown in Trash)


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