Cell tower foe organizes talks

Technology, landscape and health are among the topics to be tackled at a pair of talks organized by Gary Mittleman, a Colonie resident who has criticized the Loudonville Presbyterian Church for a deal with Verizon Wireless to build a cell phone tower at the church.

The first discussion was held Monday, April 12, at the William K. Sanford Library and featured James Kunstler, a former reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine and novelist from Saratoga Springs.

Kunstler discussed America's changing landscape, a topic he has written about extensively during his career.

"The global energy predicament is real. It is going to change just about everything about how we live," Kunstler said. "We are failing to pay attention

to what the future will require us to do."

He has penned works such as "Cluster**** Nation" and "World Made by Hand."

Kunstler said there are many concerns about the future and sustainability, and although he is not a champion against the cell phone tower directly, he is concerned about infrastructure, energy and transportation.

Kunstler said society needs to reorganize the "major systems" such as food, commerce, manufacturing, transportation and landscape.

He said the electrical communication networks must function properly for their own purposes but are not a pivotal function for him.

He expressed concerns about the way the economy sustains itself and the reactions to the economy from those who impact it.

On Thursday, April 15, at 7 p.m., the library will host Sharon Bright Holub, president of the Greater Loudonville Association and editor of "Traveling the Loudon Plank Road." She will present a history of Loudonville focusing on the significance of homes and residences.

Mittleman, who has worked closely with SAFE, an organization that opposes cell tower emissions near students, helped circulate a petition to the Colonie Planning Board asking them not to grant site plan approval for the cell tower due to the historic nature of the Loudonville.

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