Highway workers take complaints to the town

Highway Superintendent Darrell Duncan said he objected to the idea. He said that the town could start the modular design, however, over time decide it was too expensive and abandon the project, leaving the department with insufficient facilities.

Duncan also said that working from two separate facilities could hinder the operations of the department, something that is currently becoming an issue with the department's two secretaries, Pat Geurtze and Teresa Campana moving to Town Hall.

"We are working down here with our two secretaries down there [Town Hall]. Sometimes they are disconnected," he said.

Although building a new facility for the Highway Department would increase the tax burden on the town, Dolin said residents have enjoyed a low tax levy for years.

"It's almost artificially low compared to other towns," he said. "The reason is we are kind of skimping on you guys."

Dolin said he did not know the exact number by which the town's tax levy would increase, but he said that spread among the people of the town the cost would be low.

"I think its going to be modest. People are going to be shocked at how little it costs," he said. "It's funny, you talk $13 million for the school system, and no one gets excited. People have been very sympathetic to the school system; I hope they will be equally sympathetic to this project."

In addition to the issues facing the department's garage, workers also discussed the issue of pay raises.

Kevin Schenmeyer, of the highway department, took the lead in airing grievances regarding the lack of pay raises in the department.

Schenmeyer said there were two sets of standards in regards to how workers in the garage are treated and how workers at Town Hall are treated. He said that employees of the Highway Department are the only employees in the town that have to clock in, and that raises seem to be handed out more frequently in Town Hall.

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