Breslin gets nod from county dems

Senator Neil Breslin D-Delmar received the endorsement of the Albany County Democratic Committee for the 46th District State Senate seat at the committee's executive committee meeting on Thursday, April 22.

Controversy preceded the nomination of Breslin when word leaked that the candidate review committee passed on recommending a candidate, and instead deferred to the executive committee.

In addition to Breslin, Luke Martland, a former prosecutor and assistant counsel to the governor, and Tim Carney, a former candidate for president of the Albany Common Council, are seeking the democratic nomination.

Shawn Morse, county legislator and chairman of the review committee, said the committee's decision, or lack thereof, reflected Chairman Dan McCoy's desire to have openness and honest in the process.

Some questions were asked and some people weren't sure they got what they were looking for, said Morse. Morse would not go into specifics on what they questions were, however, he did say there were concerns with all of the candidates. "It wasn't just the questions asked to Neil Breslin, it was the questions asked to all candidates," he said.

"Dan McCoy, who is the new chairman, made it very clear that he wants openness and honesty," said Morse. "Everybody gets a fair shake."

McCoy, who would personally endorse Breslin one day before he was officially endorsed by the committee, said that review committee's lack of recommendation should have never been discussed publicly. "It was an internal discussion," he said.

Although McCoy did not mention specifics, he said the review committee's decision was made public by members of the democratic committee. "Basically they used the media to advance other candidates," he said.

McCoy noted that the review committee, which he appoints, makes a recommendation, and that he can overrule both the review committee and executive committee's recommendation.

Like Morse, he said that this year's process reflects an emphasis on fairness for all candidates seeking an endorsement. "It's a balancing act to make sure everyone goes in the room and has a fair process," he said. "If it was the old way the other candidates wouldn't have even got an interview."

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